Skagit County BLS Protocols

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These are copies of the Skagit County BLS Protocols placed here to make them readily available without having to login. The most current version are available to EMTs in their Vector Solutions account in the File Center. If you find a new version of a protocol or a new protocol please let Chief Hunter know.

Protocol Book

At one point all of the protocols were produced as a single document. This is no longer the case with new protocols and updates to existing protocols being released as individual documents. The protocols in this book are still in effect unless superseded by another protocol below.

BLS Protocols v3.2.pdf

ALS Indicators

ALS Indicators v1.28.pdf

Approved Abbreviations

Approved Abbreviations v1.5.pdf

Aspirin for Cardiac

BLS Cardiovascular Aspirin 08-2014.pdf - This is noted as replacing page 7 of protocols book.

Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis

BLS Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis.pdf - 2010


BLS Glucometry v1.21.pdf

Skagit County High Performance CPR

High Performance CPR 6-1-17.pdf



BLS Oxygenation v1.03.pdf

Spinal Immobilization

iGel Supraglottic Airway

IGel Supraglottic Airway Protocol v1.06.pdf



BLS Transport of ALS Patients

BLS Transport of ALS Patients v1.04.pdf

NB: MEFD does not transport.


Covid19 Protocols v4.0.pdf

Sentinel Events

These events require notification of MEFD Chief AND County EMS:

Sentinel Events v1.22.pdf

UGH Bypass Criteria

UGH Bypass Criteria v1.05.pdf

NB: These aren't applicable to MEFD both because we don't work near UGH and because we don't transport.

Diversion Policy Update - Feb 2023

Feb 2023 EMS diversion policy.pdf

NB: This isn't applicable to MEFD because we don't transport, but it affects our frequent mutual aid partners in Anacortes.