Progressive Hoselay Packs


MEFD uses progressive hose lay packs to let us quickly extend trunk line while simultaneously fighting fire. This will typically be used on initial attack on a fire that we want to hook quickly by wetting one flank and then attacking from the leading edge.

What's in the pack?

Progressive hose lay pack items.jpg
  • The pack (there are a couple of varieties)
  • A gated wye
  • 100' of 1 1/2" quarter-turn hose (flake)
  • 100' of 1" quarter-turn hose (double-donut)
  • Hose clamp
  • Nozzle
  • Rubber strap

Assembling the Pack

Note: Check each fitting for gaskets as you make the connections.

  1. Attach the input of the wye to one end of the 1 1/2" trunk line.
  2. Open the valves on the way to save a little space and place the wye in the corner of the pack.
  3. Flake in the trunk line, filling every gap in the pack. Leave the end loose.
  4. Double-donut roll the 1" line and secure with a strap.
  5. Attach the nozzle to the 1" line.
  6. Slide the hose clamp under the strap.
  7. Place the 1" attack line on top of the trunk line with the nozzle and clamp visible
  8. Close the pack.

Note: This is sometimes easier done with the pack on a partner's back while they kneel down. Or alternatively you can use a saw horse if you have one available:

Pack Progressive Hoselay with Saw Horse.jpg