Power Pole Identification


It is not uncommon for us to provide a pole number to dispatch. This happens on wires down calls and motor vehicle accidents involving a pole.

Types of Poles

We have two types of poles: Power and Communications.

  • Power - Power poles are owned by PSE and are usually taller than communications poles. The wires are usually uninsulated.
  • Communications - Poles for telephone and cable, and usually owned by Frontier (used to be owned by Verizon). These are usually shorter than the power poles.

In many areas the power and communications line share the same set of poles. In this case the power lines are almost always above the communications lines. But just because the downed line is cable or phone doesn't mean that it isn't electrified by crossing a power line out of sight. Do not touch!

Pole Numbers

Power poles should all be marked with a coordinate system. These are usually done as two sets of metal plaques. The plaques can be arranged on top of each other or side by side.

Vertical Pole Numbers
  • If they are arranged vertically, read the two numbers starting from the top down.
  • If they are arranged side-by-side, read the left number first, top down and then read the right hand number.
  • If they are arranged horizontally on top of each other, read the top number left-to-right and then the bottom number.

Many of the communications poles will have a plaque and many will not. The number will often start with VZ (they were Verizon's originally). Even for communications poles we will usually provide the next closest power pole as a location.

Providing Pole Numbers To Dispatch

When we provide a pole number to dispatch, make sure they are ready to record the number.

Cascade - 11-24. I have a pole number for you when you are ready.
11-24, go ahead with your pole number.
Cascade, pole number is: 123456, 789123.