Kodiak Struts

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Mt Erie carries the Kodiak system on 11-17 and 11-24. It consists of a set of adjustable struts, ratcheting straps and extension poles. It can quickly stabilize a vehicle on its top, side, or simply on uneven ground.

The entire kit weighs only 50 lbs which is much less than similar systems. When working near a vehicle that is unstable in any way consider using the Kodiaks for stabilization when cribbing alone is insufficient.


The main idea is to create a triangle. One side will be the strut, another the strap, and the third the vehicle itself. The strap can be attached to the car, or in cases where clearance is available, the straps of two struts can be connected pinching the car.

When creating your triangle remember that a wide base will be more stable than a narrow base. You want the strut to be at a 45 to 75 degree angle.

Narrow Triangle
Wide Triangle - Stable
Struts in use

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User's Guide

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