Sign In Sheets

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A sign in book is kept at each station. The book has three sets of sign in sheets: run sheets, training sheets, and sign-in sheets.

Filling in the form

The forms are pretty simple. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • If the call spans two days (you were toned out at 2350 and return at 0100) use the date the call came in.
  • The address can usually be found in ActiveAlert or the voice page. If it gets corrected during the course of the call, use the corrected address. If the address is a location (Bowman's Bay boat launch, or the corner of such and such) simply use a description of the location.
  • When filling in the summary include enough details to uniquely identify the call, but do NOT include any personal health information (names, birth dates, etc).
  • If your unit responded, but did not make it to the scene indicate this in the summary. This way if we have a potential exposure we know you weren't exposed.
  • If you stayed at the station, an "X" in the standby column is sufficient. If you were on an apparatus, indicate the apparatus number in the Crew or Driver column as appropriate.
  • If you aren't on the form yet, just write your name at the bottom, then sign and mark as normal.

When to sign in

Sign in whenever you come to the station for a call or training. You should sign in even if you responded to a call, but were cancelled or were left at the station for standby.

Sign the standby sheet specifically if you are at the station for PT or another activity approved by the chief.

Why is it important to sign in?

These log sheets server multiple purposes:

  • They track attendance at trainings, some of which are required
  • They track attendance at calls which can be important if we have a potential exposure
  • They serve as proof of attendance should you be injured and need to make a claim in the future
  • They are the main system used for tracking points earned for your stipend check

What if I forget or someone else forgets to sign in?

If you forget to sign in just return to the station as early as possible and sign the form. It happens, its no big deal. You may find an officer signed you in. In which case, you are covered.

If someone else forgets let them know. If an officer is around, let them know as well. An officer can sign the person in by writing their name and initialing the form.

Need more forms?

At Station 1 make a copy of a blank form or ask the chief to print more.

At Station 2: In the office on the counter, press the red button for run sheets and the blue button for training sheets. Give it 2 minutes and you'll have 4 copies on the printer of the newest version.