EMS Radio Report

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If we arrive on scene before our ALS unit we need to provide the incoming unit a report over the radio. This report should be brief, but contain all of the following information (more or less in this order):

  • Age of patient
  • Chief complaint
  • Vitals
  • Level of consciousness - GCS
  • Treatment provided
  • Other pertinent info

An example might be something like this:

"Med12 from 11-24, we have a 29 year old male that fell from his roof an is complaining of leg, neck, and back pain. Blood pressure of 120/80, BP of 90, respirations of 12, SpO2 94% on room air. Patient states he did not lose consciousness and has a GCS of 15. We are packaging the patient in VSB for transport and have controlled bleeding from a compound fracture of lower leg."

nb. This format was defined during 2022 Q2 OTEP.